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I'm Rina! I'm passionate about digital planning and would love to help you organize your life in a fun and creative way by using my purposefully designed digital planners for Goodnotes, Notability, Penly Android, OneNote and other digital planning apps.

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“Beautiful planner and many different options of formats offered, I love it!
This is my first time using a digital planner and I am delighted to have found Happy Downloads!”


“This planner is just what I wanted. I’ve only had it for a few days but In just that short space of time it’s helped me stay super organized! I love the layout and functionality of it! Also the stickers are super cute! I definitely recommend getting this!”


“I am normally a paper planner person, and I normally have quite a few of them in rotation throughout the year, but this digital planner is amazing! It’s super customizable and has a section for EVERYTHING I might need!”


Featured Digital Sticker Packs

Digital Calendar Planner

A digital calendar planner is a digital planner that has calendar pages. Most digital planners include monthly calendar pages but can also include weekly and daily pages that are hyperlinked to the monthly view. Digital calendar planners usually run from January to December but can also be for an academic year, or even spanning over multiple years. For beginners I recommend using a dated calendar planner - this means that the dates are pre-populated for you and the planner is ready to use. However, if you want to reuse the planner in future years, I suggest choosing an undated calendar planner. This means the monthly/weekly/daily pages are left blank so you can date them yourself for the year you're using it for.

In a digital planner, you can easily transfer writing and images from one page to another using copy/paste. Most digital calendar planners have a fairly standard monthly page, however the linked weekly/daily pages can be found in a large variety of different layouts, so it's important to choose the one that suits your needs the best. Horizontal weekly layouts are well suited to longer chunks of text (e.g. if you like to journal) whereas vertical weekly layouts are better for making lists. Daily pages also come in all sorts of layouts and can include sections for To-do, Habits, Goals, Top priorities, Meal planning, Notes, Schedule and various others. Read more about daily digital planners below.

Digital Daily Planner

A digital daily planner is a digital planner with daily pages and is ideal if you like planning out your day to day activities. One big advantage of a digital planner is the ability to hyperlink to each daily page from the month/week view, which means you can quickly navigate to the day you want. Depending on your needs, you can find planners with different sections such as time slot schedules, to-do lists, water trackers, habit trackers, meal planning, daily gratitude, goals/top priorities and other aspects.

Using a digital daily planner also means you can easily customize your page with stickers and inserts, and be able to easily copy/paste these to other daily pages. If you need a daily schedule with time slots, you'll want to check the start and end time (e.g. 7am to 10pm) included within the planner, although some planners keep the time schedule completely blank, so you can write in your own time slots. If you like to journal/take notes on a daily basis, look out for planners with a large notes section on each daily page. If you're not sure what type of digital planner you'll need, I suggest going for a daily/weekly/monthly planner, as this will give you the option of daily planning when you need to. Having it all in digital format means you don't sacrifice on weight/space.

Digital Planner FAQ

A digital planner has hyperlinks and buttons for easy navigation. You write on the planner with a stylus pen and it can be decorated with lots of stickers and images. Super fun to use and perfect for getting organized!
Decorated digital planner
Digital planner stickers can be reused as many times as you like. Most of our planners come with over 1000+ stickers included, all pre-cropped and pre-imported into a file compatible with each app. Simply copy and paste, resize and reposition.
Choose from a variety of different planner colors and styles.
Hyperlinks in the planner allow you to jump easily between pages. Tap on the month links to go directly to each monthly page, then use the hyperlinks to jump to the weekly/daily pages.
The HOME button or house icon on each page takes you back to the index page, where you can access all the main templates within the planner. Most of our digital planners come with over 50+ useful templates such as habit trackers, to do lists, finance trackers and an assortment of papers (lined, dotted, graph and plain).
Many of our planner bundles include both dated and undated planners, and a variety of weekly and daily pages, all of which are hyperlinked to the monthly view. Check out the planner builder to starting building your perfect planner!
Different daily layouts including hourly and half-hourly time slots, journal style and customizable sections.
Our standard line of planners come in several different colors to suit your preference. Choose from Beige, Pink, Purple, Blue, Green and Black.
All items in our shop are fully backed by our 30 day money back guarantee. Buy from our digital planner shop.

The best digital planner for you depends on what device and app you are using and what functionality you would like to have. Some digital planners will only work on specific apps.

If you only require basic functionality, a simple template or a free digital planner may be sufficient. However, if you would like to use a range of templates, daily pages and decorate your planner with digital planner stickers, it could be worth purchasing a digital planner.There are also various types of digital planners and expansion packs available, including those that focus on specific areas such as for student, teachers, faith and finances. I include a variety of digital planners and inserts in my digital planner shop.Check out more information in my blog post on the best digital planners for different devices.

I love digital planning but I still use my beloved Filofax! Having used both digital planners and regular planners, here’s a summary of the advantages of each to help choose between a digital or paper planner. Check out my blog post on digital or paper planners for more details.

Benefits of digital planners:

  • Easy to get creative with your planner using digital planner stickers
  • You don’t need to worry if you make a mistake
  • Easy to add photos and images
  • Have all your planners with you everywhere
Benefits of paper planners:
  • No learning required
  • The feel of a physical planner
  • Flipping through pages and adding in tabs
  • Writing on paper vs screen