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With the turn of the new year, many people are aiming to become more organized and focus on their goals and are looking into digital planning. Whether you have an iPad, Android or Windows tablet or PC, there are various options that will help you focus on the goals important to you and increase productivity.

Since creating my first digital planner a few years ago, I’ve helped over 20,000 customers take their first steps into digital planning and I’m excited to help many more in future.

Best Free Digital Planner

If you’re new to digital planning, try my free 2021 digital planner that will show you how they work and the type of functionality available in digital planners. Check out my video below where I run through the planner:

I also have free digital planning stickers available for you to add to your planner for note-taking or decorations.

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Best Digital Planners for iPad

Our most popular digital planner bundles work on iPad and iPad Pro. There are many different choices of digital planning apps including Goodnotes, Notability and Noteshelf.

Our planner bundles work on all of the above apps and comes with video tutorials, over 1000 stickers, 50+ templates and a money back guarantee. Choose from the different styles and colors available in our shop:

Best Digital Planners for Android

Android digital planning apps are currently behind the Apple apps but more are coming out and improving over time. Check out the recent video Dan made below on digital planning on an Android tablet. I recommend Xodo (a free app) and our planner bundles come with Xodo digital planner files. 

You can use the above bundles too but you can also consider the Microsoft OneNote planners in the next section.

Best Digital Planners for Windows PCs, Surface Pro, Mac and Other Devices

For other devices, the digital planning apps are limited but fortunately OneNote works cross-platform on all devices with the OneNote app. You’ll first need to set it up on a iPad, Surface Pro or Windows PC and, once imported, you’ll be able to open the notebook on any device with OneNote installed. 

Our OneNote planners come with detail instructions showing how to use them and I have various plan with me YouTube videos where I go in them in more detail. Here’s a couple of the videos below:

Best Digital Planners for Students and Teachers

Digital planners are great for students and teachers. The ability of taking all your lesson or course notes in one place can really help you to organize your documents and bookmark pages you want to revisit . You can also add files to your planner so you can keep them in one place.

In my student and teacher planners, we have specific templates that help you easily take notes to track assessments, class/student info and many more layouts.

Speciaility Planners

We have many other expansion packs for other areas including Faith, Finances, Health & Fitness, Homeschool, Mom, Me Time, Business, Work, Travel and many more available.

These provide additional specific templates that you’re able to copy and paste throughout your planner. Check them out here.

Other planners

If you like more colorful layouts and designs, check out the planners below:

Beautiful planner and many different options of formats offered, I love it!
This is my first time using a digital planner and I am delighted to have found Happy Downloads!


This planner is just what I wanted. I’ve only had it for a few days but In just that short space of time it’s helped me stay super organized! I love the layout and functionality of it! Also the stickers are super cute! I definitely recommend getting this!


I am normally a paper planner person, and I normally have quite a few of them in rotation throughout the year, but this digital planner is amazing! It’s super customizable and has a section for EVERYTHING I might need!


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