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My best iPad accessories

Hi everyone! In today’s post, I’m going to show you my favorite iPad accessories and Apple Pencil accessories.

My iPad is the M2 iPad Pro in 12.9 inch and I have the 2nd generation Apple Pencil which I use for digital planning, drawing, and taking notes. I have a lot of accessories to show you and I will detail my thoughts on each product.


I have a few iPad cases and I’ll show you my favorite ones. I’m currently using this case shown in the picture below which I purchased on Amazon.

I like the look of it and the price was pretty affordable. The cover can also be used as a stand. The only downsides are the cover magnet is not as strong as it could be, and the inside cover tends to get dirty after a while. Here is the link for it.

On the premium end, I have this case from the brand Zugu, and I think this does a great job of protecting your iPad. It’s sturdy and also makes a great stand because you can adjust the viewing angle. It is quite pricey, however, and didn’t have as many color choices as I would have liked.


I find iPad stands to be really useful, especially when I’m typing or using it to watch something. I have the Lamicall one from Amazon that was fairly affordable and comes in this pretty pink color. If you don’t mind that you can only adjust the tilt angle, then I think this is a great buy.

I also have a couple of magnetic stands, and these are great for rotating your iPad and adjusting the view height and angle. However, the downside is you can’t use any iPad case with a magnetic stand. You have to use a special magnetic case or attach some magnetic stickers to your iPad. This one that I like is from the brand Magfit, and I haven’t noticed any issues with this.

Some people say magnetics are not entirely healthy for your iPad and I used a different brand and did notice some weird darkening of the screen in the center, which went away after I restarted the iPad. I’m not sure what happend but I don’t use that stand anymore.

Apple Pencil Sleeves

I always use my Apple Pencil with a sleeve because I find it gives me improved grip for neater handwriting. My favorite type of sleeve is the soft silicone type. Some sleeves will allow you to charge the Apple Pencil without having to remove the sleeve, but I haven’t come across any that will allow you to fit your Apple Pencil inside an iPad case with the sleeve on.

You can find some really cool designs like ones that makes your Apple Pencil look like an actual pencil. I also have one from the brand Moko that makes your Apple Pencil look like a retractable click pen. This one is super fun to use, although I find it a bit too chunky for my hands.

Apple Pencil Tips

You can find different types of Apple Pencil tips, and if you’re looking for something that’s similar to the original Apple tips, I have this pack of colorful Metapen pencil tips that I purchased on Amazon. I think these work just as well as the original Apple brand ones, and these are more affordable.

My favorite type of tips are these ones from the brand REEYEAR with a fine steel tip because I feel like they provide more precision for handwriting and drawing. They do make more noise though, which I personally don’t mind, and also I would not use them without a screen protector of some sort because there is a risk they could scratch your iPad screen. They definitely scratch up my screen protectors pretty badly!


I have so many keyboards it’s difficult to pick which ones are my favorite. You can use any Bluetooth keyboard with your iPad and I use different ones depending on the situation.

This first one I purchased on Amazon from OMOTON is fairly light and portable, and was priced very reasonably. It has a design similar to the Apple Magic Keyboard and I think it types pretty well.

Logitech makes decent keyboards and I like the Pop Keys mechanical keyboard for using at home because it is fairly heavy. I like the sound this makes when typing, and I think it types well.

This Knewkey typewriter keyboard is another favorite of mine just for the typewriter design alone. It’s fun to use but it definitely has its flaws like the weak backrest which I never use anymore, and also it is fairly expensive.

Apple Pencil Carry Case

This Apple Pencil carry case from Meowster is so cute and compact I had to get it, even though I don’t find myself using it that much because my Apple Pencil is usually already protected in a sleeve. I think this would be great for traveling because it also has slots for extra pencil tips. I got the version that fits the Apple Pencil without any sleeve on, but I do remember seeing different ones that could fit a sleeve as well.

Screen Protector

I highly recommend getting a screen protector for your iPad, and if you use it for any kind of note-taking, digital planning, or drawing, then I would suggest getting a matte screen protector because I find that makes the screen less slippery when you’re using the Apple Pencil. I have tried a bunch of different brands and honestly haven’t come across the perfect one.

Paperlike is very popular – I like it because it doesn’t feel like sandpaper, however, it is a bit more expensive, and I personally wasn’t blown away by the results – also, it got scratched up pretty quickly by my Apple Pencil tips. I’ve heard lots of good things about this brand, and the reviews on Amazon seem really positive, so this is what I want to try next.

Out of the brands I’ve tried, I also liked the screen protector from doodroo– it writes well, however, it does feel very rough in texture, so just be aware that this type of surface will wear down your Apple Pencil tips faster. I do still think it’s worth it for the improved handwriting, and you can get more affordable replacement tips than the official Apple ones.

Carry Cases

I have this soft carry pouch from Moko that fits my 12.9 inch iPad Pro. This is great for protecting your iPad from scratches, especially if you’re not using an iPad case. It also has an extra pocket that can fit a small keyboard.

For traveling, I have this hard case from Tomtoc that is really roomy. It can accommodate my iPad Pro, as well as other accessories like Apple Pencils, charging cables, and small keyboards.

Apple Pencil Alternatives

I love the Apple Pencil, and I’ve shied away from non-Apple stylus pens until I tried one out recently. I purchased this one from JamJake on Amazon, which had very positive reviews, and I have to say I am really impressed considering I only paid around $30 for this.

I used this to write in my digital planner, and I thought this performed very similar to the Apple Pencil. It doesn’t have pressure sensitivity, which isn’t a huge problem for me because I don’t use that feature anyways for note-taking or drawing, but just be aware of that limitation if you do need it.

The other downside is that you can’t switch the tips out with the standard tips that fit the Apple Pencil, so once you get through all the spare tips, I guess you will need to buy a new stylus unless you can find a pack of replacement tips.


I have some Bluetooth mice that work with the iPad, although I don’t personally use them that much. This pink one from OMOTON from Amazon was pretty cheap, and it does the job, but it doesn’t work well with all types of surfaces.

There’s a wide variety of iPad and Apple Pencil accessories available that can improve digital planning on your iPad. From cases and stands to keyboards and screen protectors, these accessories can make your iPad more versatile and convenient to use. By trying out different options and finding the ones that best suit your needs, you can create the perfect setup for your digital planning, drawing and note-taking.