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How to decorate a digital planner

In this article, I’m going to show you 4 easy ways you can decorate a digital planner on an iPad or Android device. Watch the video above where I talk through each of these tips in more detail.

Tip 1 – Add color using a drawing app such as Procreate or Infinite Painter

Turn your white planner layouts to color using drawing apps like Procreate (iOS) or Infinite Painter (Android).

  1. Take a screenshot of your planner page
  2. Paste the screenshot in Procreate (or Infinite Painter)
  3. Make another layer
  4. Draw boxes around where you want color and fill them in
  5. Turn down the transparency of the whole layer so that you can still see the planner writing underneath
  6. Save as a PNG and use in your planner!

Tip 2 – Use color blocking or other free digital planner stickers

You can also use individual color block stickers to decorate your planner. Simply drag the edges of the color block until they fit whatever area you’d like to “color in”. You can grab lots of freebie color stickers from our freebies vault.

Tip 3 – Use an overlay sticker

An overlay sticker is a sticker that goes over the entire page, and is great for when you can’t be bothered to decorate with individual stickers. You can grab some from our freebies vault but it’s also easy to make your own in Procreate (iOS) or Infinite Painter (Android).

  1. Take a screenshot of your planner page
  2. Paste the screenshot in Procreate or Infinite Painter
  3. Make another layer
  4. Draw your shape/doodle and color it in
  5. Make a new layer and draw a new doodle (so that each layer has one item)
  6. Rearrange the doodles to your liking
  7. Merge all the doodle layers and save as a PNG to use in your planner

Tip 4 – Make your own stickers from web images using Magic Eraser (iOS) or Background Eraser (Android)

You can use any clipart from the web and make these into planner stickers (make sure you’re using for personal use only, as web images will be subject to copyright). Simply save the image, bring it into Magic Eraser app, and tap the white background to remove it. You can toggle the tolerance threshold to remove more or less of the white background. Finally just save it as a PNG and you can use it in your planner.