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Importing OneNote Digital Planners: a step-by-step guide

Setting up OneNote digital planners can take a little time to import but I provide a detailed step-by-step guide to make it as simple as possible. These instructions are focused on the OneNote templates available here at HappyDownloads but work on other documents too and cover importing on iPads, OneNote for Windows 10, OneNote 2016 and for Macs.

The general steps are shown below but I recommend watching the videos:

(i) tap on the OneDrive link to your OneNote planner
(ii) make sure you are logged in to a personal Microsoft account in top right
(iii) tap the version of the planner you wish to use
(iv) it should open in OneNote Online
(v) tap the "Open in App" button in top right
(vi) a read-only version of the planner should come up
(vii) create a new notebook
(viii) long press on a section (choose all if you can) and then copy to the new notebook
(ix) You should then be able to use the digital planner.

Importing OneNote Planner on iPads:

Watch the video below to see how to import OneNote Planners on an iPads:

OneNote for Windows 10 import video:

Watch the video below to see how to import on OneNote for Windows 10:

Importing OneNote Planner on OneNote 2016:

Watch the video below to see how to import on OneNote 2016:

Importing OneNote Planner on Mac:

Watch the video below to see how to import on Mac (same as OneNote for Windows 10)

Other devices:

You need to use a Windows or Mac PC, iPad or Surface Pro to first set up the planner on other devices. This is because some devices and OneNote versions have less functionality.

If you have purchased a HappyDownloads OneNote planner and do not have access to another device, please contact me at the bottom of the screen with your order number.