Importing Digital Planner in Goodnotes

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Importing digital planners into Goodnotes: a step-by-step guide

Setting up digital planners can take a little time but I provide a detailed step-by-step guide on importing our HappyDownloads GoodNotes digital planner to make it as simple as possible. These instructions are focused on the planners available here at HappyDownloads but see the Step 5 which will work for similar PDF and Goodnote files.

There are shortcuts you can make to shorten the process but I’ll focus on providing the most reliable way of getting it to work on your iPad. We recommend digital planning on a tablet with a stylus rather than on a phone.

Step 1: Install Goodnotes or update your current version

The first step is to make sure you have Goodnotes installed and up-to-date ready to be put into action! Go to the Apple app store and tap buy/install or update your version to the latest available. 

Goodnotes - how to update to latest version

You can see your version of Goodnotes any time by going to the “About” section on the dashboard:


Step 2: Picking Your Planner & Finding Your Planner Code

For some orders you won’t need access to the planner builder and can just choose the planner from the folders on OneDrive. 

Where your download link PDF mentions using our planner selector tool, go to the planner picker and enter in your planner details and the version you want to find. It will then give you a planner code, which is the filename on OneDrive. See your instructions for a video showing how to do this.

Once you know what planner you want to use, go to Step 3.

Step 3: Go to the OneDrive link folder

Now go to the webpage where you are able to access your planner files. For HappyDownloads customers, a link to your files is included in the initial PDF you downloaded from this website or Etsy.

NOTE FOR ETSY USERS: Please ensure you use Safari browser and NOT the Etsy app as the app does not have functionality to download files. If you get the option to open in Safari or Etsy, choose the Safari option.

Step 4: Download your planner files

Downloading files from our OneDrive

You should now be able to see our OneDrive files in Safari. You should see:

– a sticker pack in Goodnotes 5 format for Goodnotes 5 users;
– a sticker pack in Goodnotes 4 format for Goodnotes 4 users;
– a covers PDF file; and
– a folder with different planner files.

Follow the video below on how to download the files on to your device: 

Downloading files directly from a website (such as our FREEBIES!)

If you’ve been given a direct download link you can just click the file links and the downloads should then begin. Check out our video below showing how to do this, using freebies available in our freebies vault:

Step 5: Importing Goodnotes Digital Planner

There are a two ways we can import our downloaded files into Goodnotes:

  • sharing it to Goodnotes  
  • opening it from the Goodnotes app

I demonstrate in the video below how to share files into Goodnotes, as after the previous step you will already be in the folder where you have downloaded thed digital planning files, but the second way should work as well.

The digital planner files are now imported into Goodnotes and should be ready to use!

If you’ve had any issues with out planner, please check out our Goodnotes help page. If that doesn’t solve your issue, please send us a message through this website with your order number and we will help you get it working. Please check that you are using the latest version of Goodnotes and let us know where you are not able to carry out the above steps. I hope you found our guide showing how to import a Goodnotes digital planner useful!