Digital Planner Goodnotes 5 Guide

Digital Planner Goodnotes 5 Guide

Digital Planning in Goodnotes

You have your planner in Goodnotes and now ready to use (if not, check out our importing guide here) but how do you use the planner and what functionality is there in Goodnotes 5? Our Digital Planner Goodnotes 5 Guide below will answer your questions!

Watch the video below which uses one of our HappyDownloads planners to demonstrate how to use digital planners, together with some specific videos on how to use hyperlinks, stickers covers and copying/moving pages.

Also check out our detailed overview of Goodnotes 5 at the bottom of the page, which runs through the capabilities available.

How to use hyperlinks in GoodNotes 5?

One of my favorite benefits of digital planners is the ease of jumping between pages. However, you do need to make sure you are you in the correct “mode” in Goodnotes to use them.

Make sure you are in the read only mode (shown below). Tap the pen icon in the top write to change to write mode when you want to edit the pages. The screen will change to the layout below:

Goodnote 5 pen mode icon for digital planner

Tap the “no pen” icon in the top right when you want to go back to read mode and use hyperlinks.

Goodnotes 5 - No pen icon for digital planners so you can enter read-mode

Watch the video below which shows this in more detail:

If you still have issues with hyperlinks regarding our planners, please check out our Goodnotes Troubleshooting page or contact us by email or on Etsy and provide your order number.

How to use Stickers in Goodnotes 5?

I love decorating my digital planner with stickers, images and photos!

You can do this easily by copying images in your Goodnotes sticker books, inserting images from your camera roll or by copying images from the web and pasting it into your planner.

Watch the video below (from 4:37 up to 5:47) which shows how to use stickers from a Goodnotes sticker book:

How to use Covers in Goodnotes 5?

So you have all your pages decorated and looking beautiful! But wait… your front cover isn’t quite the way you want it to be. Have no fear! This is when we can use pre-made cover files and add them to our planner.

Check our the video below which explains how to do this:

How to copy pages in Goodnotes 5?

Digital planners contain a variety of templates ranging from habit trackers to meal planners.

We are able to copy these planners easily using Goodnotes, so they can used as often we want to and we can place anywhere in the file.

Check the video below (from 2:30 to 4:34) which shows how to do this:

Overview of Goodnotes 5

For more detail on Goodnotes 5 and the different settings and functionality, please check out the video below. There have been some updates since and we will look to make a new video soon:

I hope you found our Digital Planner Goodnotes 5 guide helpful. Please contact us with any suggestions on additional items to include.