Goodnotes Troubleshooting

Goodnotes Troubleshooting

Oh no! Things haven’t gone quite to plan and you have some issues with Goodnotes or your digital planner. Don’t worry, we have a few tips and tricks to help you out in our GoodNotes Troubleshooting Guide below.

Hyperlinks are not working

The most common issue is regarding hyperlinks. If your hyperlinks are not working please do the following:

If you have checked you are using the latest version and have read-mode on, long press on the hyperlink that isn’t currently working.  You should see an option that says “open link”. Tap this and it should jump to the relevant page. If it works using this method but not in read-mode, then there is a bug in Goodnotes 5.  For our customers, please let us know and we will raise this with Goodnotes.
If the “open link” option doesn’t come up, we recommend you try to reimport the planner. If after all this it still doesn’t come up, it is likely to be a Goodnotes bug. For our customers, please let us know and we will raise this with Goodnotes.

Help! I deleted a page/planner by accident.

It can easily happen to all of us! We’re perfecting our planner and “whoops!” deleted the wrong page? Is that the end or is there a way to get it back?

The regular undo function doesn’t work but don’t panic, there is still a way!

If you go to the dashboard, tap the cog icon and then go to trash bin, you can select the page/planner you want to restore and then recover. It will go directly to the place it was when deleted.


Why are the stickers not importing/showing up?

Goodnotes can sometimes fail to import all images when bringing in lots of stickers. Please reimport if this occurs. Please also check you are using the correct stickers file for your version of Goodnotes 4/5 as different formats will not work.

Hopefully our GoodNotes troubleshooting guide has helped you resolve your issue but, if not, send us a comment below, contact us by email or message us on Etsy.