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Digital Planning in OneNote

You have your planner in OneNote and now ready to use (if not, check out our importing OneNote planner guide) but how do you use the planner and what functionality is there in OneNote? Our OneNote Digital Planning videos below will answer your questions!

Watch the videos below which uses our HappyDownloads planners to show how to use digital planners in OneNote, including how to use stickers, covers and the template pages.

Using our OneNote Planners

The video above shows how to do the following on an iPad Pro:

1. Zoom in and out of the digital planner using the page width tool or by pinching the screen.
2. Use the navigation panel to jump to the different sections and pages within the planner.
3. Populate the undated version of the planner.
4. Undo or redo changes in the planner, as well as how to use the eraser tool.
5. Use the stickers that come with the planner. To use the stickers, you need to go the stickers section, tap on text mode, select the sticker, long press and copy it, go back to where you want to paste it, long press and tap paste. You can then rotate, drag, and resize as needed.
6. Using templates and talking through the index page of all the different template pages. You can tap on them to jump to the relevant template and then copy these pages and paste to a new section. You can do this by long pressing on the page in the navigation panel and selection Copy/Move. You can then rename the title of the duplicate page as needed.
7. Using the divider pages to create your own tailored sections of templates.

How to use Microsoft OneNote for Digital Planning

The video above shows how to do the following on a Surface Pro:

  1. Access different notebooks, sections and pages using the navigation panel.
  2. Repositioning sections and pages in the navigation panel.
  3. Copying OneNote sections and pages.
  4. Password protecting pages with sensitive information.
  5. Carry out a word search throughout the planner and handwriting.
  6. Use the recent notes section to access the most recently used pages.
  7. Zoom in/out and how to use the page width tool and full screen mode.
  8. Access deleted notes that you’re able to restore.
  9. Change the pen size, color and style (e.g. pen, pencil, highlighter).
  10. Using the eraser tool and changing the different settings (whole stroke, partial stroke).
  11. Using the lasso icon to select and move items around.
  12. Using the text icon, changing font styles and setting the default font type and size for your OneNote app.
  13. Adding images/pictures/photos to the planner.
  14. Copying and pasting stickers 
  15. Ensuring that syncing is setup in OneNote so you’re able to access on other devices.

Hopefully the videos have helped explain how to use our OneNote planners in Microsoft OneNote.

If you have any questions, just contact us at the bottom of the screen..